Feel rejected??

Psalm 34:1        “I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall                                                 continually be in my mouth.”

This comes in the middle of the story of David. He is running from Saul who has declared he will kill David. David had no family or friends to help protect him. He was alone. Only him and God. Can you imagine? This is what comes from his mouth at this time–?! “I will bless the Lord” How many of you have been through something where you have been completely turned on and your first words are “I will bless the Lord” -??

Not me. My first thoughts tend to be “How can I do this? God why have you left me? I can’t handle this!”   Seriously how many of you have done that? BUT I have learned that those thoughts are Satan. He is trying to turn me against God. He is daily trying. Those negative thoughts are not of God. So daily I pray to God to keep those negative thoughts out of my head. To help me be wise enough to know it’s Satan and brave enough to stand up and tell Satan to leave me alone.

Now I know that in those moments God has not left me. He is walking beside me. He knows life is rough. But we made those choices and He gives us the freedom to learn from our choices. To be more like Him. So pray always to battle those negative thoughts.

Wanna know more about how prayer can help you? Read the book of Daniel. Prayer protected Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and Daniel from death. It can protect you.

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