Layers, Losses, and Love

So it’s been 5 months.

5 months since I got married.

5 months since I became a pastor’s wife.

5 months of a whole new adventure.

I have been through many changes in life. I have learned that God can use the changes in life for good – if we allow Him to. Changes are NEVER easy. Not that I am not happy to be married. Not that I didn’t want this. But still change is NEVER easy. It’s like a whole new way to discover where you need to improve yourself. Because if you don’t look at it that way – you will be miserable. Be prepared to see the ugly in yourself.

Becoming a Pastor’s Wife has been one of the most rewarding and most challenging changes. Figuring out friendships has been the most challenging. Things have changed. I changed. They changed. And I am trying to figure it all out again.

First of all as a Pastor’s Wife I have learned friendships are in layers. Some friends are people I see at church and talk to on a regular basis. Some friends are the ones I talk to daily and they know everything about me – good and bad.

Second I have learned that there will be loss in the change of life. As life rotates and moves – friendships change. How we all handle and react to the change makes a difference. If you are moving away and want to stay close you have to choose to make contact regularly. But if not then you deal with the loss of those close friendships. It’s ok to grieve those losses. But in God’s hands it will bring you to the place in life He wants you to be in and He will bring you new friends in time.

And yet I still love all of my friends just as much. Love is still there. In the layers and in the losses – there is still love. A deep caring and concern for these people. Because I CHOSE to be a Pastor’s Wife. I chose to care about these people because I really do care about these people. And I know God can use me to help them through life.

Through all the layers, loss, and love.

Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever”.

Through all these changes. He DOES NOT CHANGE. He is the one consistent thing in our lives. In my life. I need that stability. It is my sanity.

Here is another change that occured in my life, if you wanna continue to read:


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