How many of you are doing advent this time of year?

I never have except with our church several years ago. I really have tried to learn more about it and do it this year. I hope to do more next year. Learn more about it.

Do you know what advent means? Why it’s important?

Wikipedia defines it this way:

  1. the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.

Yep. A notable person.  Who is a notable person in your life? The most notable???

Know what notable means? Worthy of of attention. Remarkable. Who here feels remarkable? Who knows someone who is remarkable???

There are a few people I can name that I just think so highly of. They are someone I would like to be more like. But they aren’t perfect. I know they have their struggles. They make mistakes. But Jesus – never. Not one mistake. Not one. He was perfect.

Now that is remarkable.

And He was born into this world of ours. He was tortured, made fun of, bullied, etc, etc. He died. Because of us. The sinners. The not so remarkable. Why? Because He saw us as remarkable. Because He loves us that much.

His birth is an advent worth celebrating. His coming into this world – now that is notable.

So Christmas is His advent.

A time to reflect on Him. What He did for us. Why His coming down to Earth was so incredible. I want to continually remember and help remind others. It’s not about us. The not so remarkable. It’s about Him.

So far Advent has celebrated Jesus as hour Hope, Peace, and Joy.

Think about that. How is He our hope, peace, and joy? And the only hope, peace, and joy we have?? Why??

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